Trick To Transfer OLA Wallet Money In Another Account

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OLA Readers !! 😀 Like the way OLA wishes his customers but do not like their service :p . Let’s come to the main core part of this post. Here I will guide you about how to transfer OLA wallet money in another account. Assume you have 10k wallet money in your OLA account and you want to gift some to your friends so this trick will be helpful for you.

Steps To Follow :

1. Download OLA Store App from Here .
2. Once you download, select your location. If you are from outside Bangalore then manually enter Bangalore address.
3. On next page, verify your number in which you have OLA money.
4. After successful verification, order anything.
Here comes tricky part : 
5. On next page, it will ask you for Address details, just enter any random address and do not forget to change your number on Address page. Enter another number in which you want to transfer your OLA money.
5. Finally pay using your wallet money and cancel it after that.
6. Bingo !! You will get your refund in another OLA account. 
7. You will get your refund within 2 hours.
Thanks to one of our regular Blog visitor Anubhav Agarwal for this trick.
Hope you guys loved this awesome way of transferring OLA wallet money in another account. Do comment below for more queries.

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