Add Rs.500 Get Rs.550 In Your Bank Account || Refer & Earn More From Lime Wallet

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Lime, A Wallet by Axis Bank is now offering Refer & Earn program where you and your friend both can earn Rs.50 each when he/she add minimum Rs.500 in Lime wallet. Its a great offer by Lime Team cause you can transfer your money instantly in Bank account so finally you are spend Rs.500 and get Rs.50 extra. Not only this, you can use this wallet for various purpose like Recharge, Shop online, etc.

Steps To Follow :

1. Download Lime wallet from below given link.

Download Now

Lime Wallet
Size~15 MB

2. Once you download, register new account and verify your number.

3. After successful account creation, click on “Add Money”.

4. Now enter Rs.500 and click on OK.

5. On next page, enter this ref code to get Rs.50 cashback : LM1OM39 .

6. Finally make the payment using any method.

7. Once you pay Rs.500, you will get Rs.50 cashback within 24 hours which can be used for shopping, recharge or transfer in Bank account.

8. You can also earn more by referring your friends, click on Refer & earn and start earning.

How To Redeem In Bank : 

* You need minimum Rs.750 to transfer Lime wallet money in bank but there is alternate way to use any amount of Lime money in another website.

Goto Menu — Select Shopping Card — Note down your Lime wallet Card number, Expiry date and CVV — Now goto any website and select Debit card as payment option and enter lime wallet card number.

Refer & Earn Offer Details :

  • You and Your friends get Rs.50 each when they use your code while loading lime wallet.
  • Cashback of Rs.50 will be credited when he/she loads for the first ever time for Rs.500 or more using your referral code.
  • You can refer unlimited number of friends but the maximum cashback is capped to Rs.500.
  • Cashback will be directly added in LIME Wallet within 2 working days.
Avail this superb offer from Lime Wallet and earn extra cashback. Do share this post with others so that all can avail. Comments will be appreciated for more queries.

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