Top 10 Tech Inventions Of 2015

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Technology is an integral part of the modern world and it is said that inventions and innovations are increasing exponentially in the world nowadays, to brief out the inventions for you, we have selected 10 best tech innovations (hand picked) which are different and are invented for achieving different purposes. Below are the top 10 tech inventions of 2015.

Top 10 Inventions Of 2015 :

1. Car To Car Communication :-  Have you ever wondered how wonderful it would be if you are about to meet with an accident due to a collision with another vehicle heading towards you then you can avoid an accident. This is the idea behind the car 2 car communication invention which would be ready for everyone to use in very less time.

2. & Project Loon :- Facebook and Google, who are the legends of modern world computing and internet have started to move in the direction to make the internet free, I repeat absolutely free for everyone to make the world a better place by helping even the poor who can’t afford the internet due to economic reasons and unavailability as their location is remote. 

Facebook has initiated & Google has initiated Project Loon for this purpose.

3. The Hoverboard Scooter :- I always dreamt of a personal road transport which when I stand can easily carry me to the place which I want to reach instead of me walking (as walking isn’t always romantic). This has become a reality with the invention of hoverboard scooter which can carry you towards your destination place.

4. New Desk – Best ergonomics table to both sit & Stand :- This is not a technology invention but an invention which helps you not get hurt with the usage of technology. The spinal cord is the most important organ if you have to properly sit and stand, but due to extreme usage of technology & gadgets, the spinal cord is at risk. 

This New Desk would allow you to work both by sitting and standing which way a balanced pressure is applied on the Spinal cord to not hurt it.

5. Smart Back Brace :- This is one other technology developed to save us from the adverse effects of usage of technology and modern day lifestyle causing severe physical disorders. A Smart brace on wearing which takes care of your posture and adjusts accordingly allowing your body to minimize the pressure caused by the wrong posture.

6. Smart Unit :- Travelling across nations have become common now-a-days, but due to some technical glitches if you lose your baggage and unable to find out where has it gone & even the airport authority has a disappointing apology as your answer then this smart unit comes to your aid which sits in your baggage & helps you tracking when it is lost of misplaced. 

The cost of it is much much less compared to the pain which we experience on losing our favorite things which are very close to our heart.

7. Curved Smart TV :- We have experienced a reduction in the size of TV, but never shape i.e., TV’s are always in the traditional square or a rectangle with the uniform front surface while the Television manufacturers have made an invention recently to enhance the user experience watching TV. They have made the flat surface of the TV, a curved one & very smart like a computer and a smart phone.

8. Internet Of Things :- Wouldn’t it be nice to control & customize every device in your home with a remote control like switching on & off the Water Pump, water sprinklers, automated gates. Internet of things is about that which allows you customize each and every device (if it can be integrated) then it can be controlled.

9. Virtual Reality Headset :- A headset is invented in this year which can give you a virtual experience as it sits on your head as a headset to enhance the gaming experience, virtual worlds etc. very easily, with your Smartphone also. This is one such invention which has been of greater significance this year.
10. Androidly – Android Watch :- Gears, smart watches have emerged into the market, but a phone which can offer complete functionality of a smartphone isn’t avaialbele yet, androidly has solved this myth by its invention. Androidly is a complete smartphone which you can wear over your hand & use it as if you are using a smarphone.

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