Strange Facebook Bug [ Post Image & Get Blocked For 72 Hours ]

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Well, This story is quite funny and strange too. Yesterday I tried to post one funny pic in one of my Facebook group and suddenly my account logged out automatically and after re-login, I got shocked after seeing Facebook warning pop up of “You’re temporarily blocked from posting on Facebook for the next 72 hours” . This is really strange for me, cause I just tried to share one funny pic which is not vulgar at all.

Note : Try this trick on Fake Facebook account, do not use real account. Test via PC only.

How I Got Blocked By Facebook For 72 Hours :

I am not sure whether its a Facebook bug or some security but its a funny for sure 😀

At first, save below given picture [ Don’t Laugh 😀 ].

Now Login Facebook & try to post this picture anywhere.

Suddenly you can see your account is logged out automatically.

Now try to re -login and face the heat 😀

You’re temporarily blocked from posting on Facebook for the next 72 hours, because it looks like you posted a photo or video that doesn’t follow Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

In many countries, it’s illegal to make, share or knowingly have images of anyone under the age of 18 involved in sexually explicit acts or behavior. This includes nudity.

Haha, I am still laughing 😀 . Unfortunately, you’re are blocked for next 72 hours from Posting, that means you cannot comment or post anything on Facebook for next 72 hours.

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