Must Read : Say NO To Free Basics By Facebook

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Hey Readers, I am sure most of you guys are getting lot of notifications regardig Net Neutrality & Free Basics by facebook in your facebook profile and I am pretty much sure that more than half of the people signing up for free basics or supporting net neutrality have no clue what these are and what is the difference. Please read full post carefully and try to understand definition of Free Basics in a different way.

Free Basics initially farmed as service by Facebook is misdirected program, where Facebook provides us limited content through its app for a fixed number of days with collaboration to some service providers like Reliance in India. 

↓↓ Free Basics Explained In Your Own Terms ↓↓
1. I go to a Pizza Shop to eat Pizza which I have been doing so for years. I pay him 300 bucks for 1 Pizza.

2. Suddenly one day he says you can eat 3 Pizza for free, 4th Pizza will cost you 100 bucks. I lovingly oblige.

3. From one Pizza a day for 300, I end up having 4 Pizzas a day for 100.

4. Now I can’t sleep without having 4 Pizzas a day. But since it is costing me only 100 bucks, I don’t mind.

5. Then one fine day, Shop owner says each Pizza costs 1000 bucks and for side dish, I need to register myself for 5000 bucks.

6. I go in search of some other Pizza Shops, but find all other Pizza Shops closed because of unsustainable business ethics.

7. Now I have to pay 4000 bucks to get my daily sleeping dose which was originally 300 bucks

So, SAY NO TO ‘Free Basics’ , use your brains.

* FREE word always attract us, but here scenario is different so share this post with friends and let everyone understand what is this shit called FREE BASICS.

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    Ashok 08/01/2016 at 11:39 am

    This post is worthless.. As per my experience and knowledge I think fb is doing it for a social cause .. Internet service providers are charging huge amounts for less data.. This step by fb will decrease data charges and it will bring internet to the reach of common man… If fb misuses it then it will surely fall down.. So I think fb is not gonna misuse Free basics

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