How To Access Multiple Computers Using One Keyboard & Mouse

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Hello Readers, welcome back to OMG Tricks. Hope you all are enjoying our tricks. So finally I got one more trick for you all and it is quite amazing for me so I am sure you all will love it. Currently I have 2 desktop and 1 laptop so I like to access all at once but everytime I have to shift places to access other computers so I started searching some alternate way through which I can access all computers using one mouse and keyboard. Finally I got the solution and all 3 machines are under my finger tip. 

For using this trick, you do not have to buy any cables or you don’t require any heavy software. It’s just a task of 1 MB file and you’re done. This trick is only useful if you have two or more computers. If you have one laptop and one desktop then also you can do all task by using your laptop mouse and type pad. 

Isn’t It cool ?? Going back to post, Let’s see How to access multiple computers using one keyboard and mouse.

Steps to Follow : 

Mouse without Borders is official tool of Microsoft through which you can do all these task. Mouse without Borders is a product that makes you the captain of your computer fleet by allowing you to control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard. This means that with Mouse without Borders you can copy text or drag and drop files across computers.

  • Download Mouse Without Borders from Here .
  • Once you download, install and open it.
  • Now you can Security key and Device name, just note it down.
  • Now start your other computer which you want to access and download Mouse without Borders in it.
  • On setup page, select “Yes, I have installed Mouse without borders on other computer”.
  • Now you can see box of Security and device name, just enter your Security key and device name which you copied in step 3.
Done !! Now enjoy this awesome way of accessing multiple computers using one Keyboard and Mouse. Amazing part is, you can drag & drop your files too.

Hope you all will love this trick after using it. Do share our blog and like this post if you appreciate our hard work. 

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    UTTAM DAS 02/11/2015 at 2:17 am

    Super Tricks Is It Work Windows all version..

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      Yes, It Is. Thank you for reading this post.

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