Play Snake & Ladder Game On Flipkart App & Win Exciting Prizes [ Expired ]

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Hey Reader, after Flipkart Ping & Win contest & Big Billion Days game, they are back again with Snake & Ladders game contest through which you can win various rewards like Gift Vouchers, VU TV’s, Smartphones and many more exciting rewards. Flipkart Big Shopping Days is very near so before that, its a great opportunity to grab some awesome rewards by playing Snake & Ladders game. Let’s proceed & check out more about this amazing offer.

To participate in the offer, you should have the latest version of Flipkart App so update it or download from below given link.

Download Now

Snake & Ladder Game
Play & Win Rewards

↓↓ Steps ↓↓
Download Flipkart Latest Version App from above link.

Now Click On “Big Shopping Days” Banner.

Scroll Down & Locate Snake & Ladders Game.

↓↓ Terms & Conditions ↓↓

1. For playing the game user needs a ‘chance’ / ‘life’ to play 1 round of the game

2. Each game is timed & users must finish within that time else the game ends automatically

a) The timer starts when user clicks Play

b) The timer cannot be paused for any reason. Eg: kill the app, put in background, receive a call or go to some other app, internet connection issue etc.

c) All rewards earned in the game are assigned to the user. The user does not need to complete the game to retain these

3. This is a single player game

4. You have to tap the dice to start rolling and moving forward on the game board

5. You need internet connection to play this game

6. You can win rewards in this game by landing on a reward tile

7. Every time you play the game, the game board layout can change.

8. User level & device level game

9. You may win 1st party or 3rd party rewards

10. Reward communication will be sent to you via in-app notifications & emails (if we have it under your account details) once they are applied to your account. There may be a few hours of delay.

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