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Hello Visitors, Sorry for delay post. Here I am back with another awesome trick which helps you to extract text from any type of image. You can use this trick for copy texts from websites where copying is disabled by site administrator. You just have to think little bit and you can use this trick in various fields.

I am using this trick from last one week and I am earning Rs.3000 / Month 😀

Don’t worry I am not making you fool, yes its absolutely right that you can earn by using this trick. Let me flash this for only my lovely visitors.


1) Firstly, Click on below link ↓↓
2) Upload that image which you want to extract for text.
3) Fill captchas and click on Recognise Button.
4) Hurray !! your task is complete.
Note : If you want to copy contents from copy disabled sites then use snipping tool for capturing image of text and upload that image in above site and extract it. Through this way, you will be able to copy all texts from any sites 😀
Now, Here comes the task of EARNING. On Internet, you will find a lot of data entry jobs, which pay you for filling texts by looking images. Yes, just search that type of online jobs and start using this trick. Just capture that image which provided in data entry job site and extract in through above link then just copy it and paste it on job site.
Hope, You all get my point. If not then please feel free to ask me in comment box.
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